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Tylosin and Tear stains

Tylosin is a substance that is found in some supplements and can be prescribed as an antibiotic from a veterinarian. The substance Tylosin has been reported to diminish the looks of tears, but it has also been reported to promote negative side effects, such as vomiting and diarrhea†. Tylosin can be harmful if taken in large doses for a long period of time also. The best options are those that do not contain tylosin.

If a dog or cat is born with shallow eye socket, excessive hair growth around their eyes or tear ducts that can easily clog, then they may develop stains. These stains are actually common, but look unnatural. Help your pet get rid of their stains today, but using an effective option below.

Tear stains are the brownish/red spots that dry around the eyes of your dog or cat. These stains look wet and can have a crusty appearance as well. If stains continue to accumulate, the area always appears to look wet. These stains can make your pet look as if it has a poor health or can look as if your pet lacks grooming.

When searching for an option to reduce the look of stains, owners of pets browse the web for a tear stain remover for dogs or cats. On the web, you can find wipes or facial washes that work effectively to remove the eye guck that has accumulated. This requires the pet owner to scrub the fur and possibly trim the hair away from the eyes after the hair has been wiped or washed. A tear stain remover only offers short term results because its only addressing stains from the outside of your pet, rather from factors from within. Websites like Top 5 Tear Stain Products Reviewed - Best Dog Tear Stain Remover Info have more information on eye mark products.

Owners who want to diminish the look of those ugly stains can purchase a tear stain supplement that help target tear stains from within your dog or cat. Most supplements are sold in a pet retail store or online from manufacturer. Supplements are not considered a tear stain remover for dogs or cats. This is because a supplement cannot remove stains; it can only reduce their appearance and help towards future stains.